Written by jena



The Steamy Reality of bartenders dating their barbacks

Over the years, I've heard enough barback hookup stories to challenge any bodice-ripping romance novel aficionado. And it makes sense: These dudes lift kegs to pay their bills (hello, biceps!), they listen when you talk, and, oh, they have the same schedule as female bartenders. More and more, my girlfriends have been showing up with steamy stories of "accidentally" sleeping with their barbacks. And now I’m sharing those tawdry tales with you. 


Bartender Superheroes: Watching Your Back from Behind the Stick

From the LES to Bushwick, Harlem to Hell’s Kitchen—show me a concentrated block of bars and I’ll show you a mass text thread between the neighboring staff. Used primarily for fun, that text chain is also our Bat Signal. We are the Watchers on the Wall, the eyes in the candle-lit room, and we are quick on the draw with our iPhones. Here are four stories from the files of just one of the world’s many crime-fighting rings of bartenders.


Queens beer week

“Queens has always been the place where many New Yorkers sleep and new New Yorkers come”, Dan Bronson said over some guacamole at Fatty’s Cafe.  Bronson is the beverage consultant for Crescent and Vine and one of the masterminds behind Queens Beer Week–a new annual event created to foster and explore the beer community in our borough.  “And there’s a power in beer-it’s the common drink of common people”, in the past few years our borough has seen eight new breweries open and flourish.